Do you know what to do if you get into a car accident?

Accidents can occur anytime and anywhere. You always need to be prepared and know what exactly to do if it was a not-at-fault accident.

With accident replacement vehicles in Carlton, you’re entitled to get a new vehicle for hire until you get your old car back. Legally it is your right to receive a courtesy car similar to your own car’s make and model, the cost of the rental car will be recovered from the at-fault party.

At Rite Drive, we are your accident car replacement specialists for vehicles. We are a company of trusted professionals; we specialise in providing replacement cars to drivers who were involved in a not-at-fault car accident.

Your car is at the garage and now you’re wondering how would you travel to work?

Replacement Car Carlton
Not At Fault Car Hire Carlton

If your car ends up in a garage or repair shop, you can receive a car accident rental in Carlton. Call us today to schedule the replacement car and travel to work without the need to be dependent on anyone. Instead of looking for an expensive transportation alternative, why not avail a replacement car for free?

Want to know how to rent a car? We can help. Fill out the form available on our website and enter your contact details and other information related to the car accident rental. Once all details have been entered, our supervisors will verify the details. After your application has been approved, we will deliver the replacement car in Carlton to your work or home address at a convenient date and time.

Courtesy Cars Carlton

If you are a not-at-fault driver, Rite Drive can help you with a courtesy car. According to the guidelines and terms of our agreement, you will get a replacement vehicle. Whenever an accident takes place, we are here to assist our customers immediately.

Accidents happening is quite common nowadays, for which you need to know about the claim process and get a replacement car at no extra cost. Contact us today. We provide accident management car services to drivers if their vehicle is damaged in a road collision.

For our team, catering to our client’s needs is our top priority. We ensure your peace of mind by offering comprehensive and reliable services.

Not At Fault Car Hire Carlton
Courtesy Cars Carlton

Not At Fault Car Hire Carlton

We ensure all our customers that they don’t need to make any payment. We will provide you with a not-at-fault car for hire, while the cost would be recovered directly from the faulty party’s insurance company.

Benefits Of Our Services:

  • 24/7 support
  • Quick application assessment and approval
  • Seamless service process
  • Car delivery and pick up service
  • Expert guidance

Are you looking for not at a fault car hire in Carlton? Look no further than Rite Drive.

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